History Channel is launching a new series called The Proof Is Out There – taking an in-depth look at incredible videos of unexplained phenomena and mysterious moments.

Hosted by veteran TV journalist Tony Harris, each half-hour episode will explore and analyze a single story and the unique footage tied to it – think people seemingly immune to lightning, a 50-foot snake, apocalyptic sounds in a man’s backyard, enigmatic creatures or UFOS that split and dive underwater.  

With clips of found footage, still images and audio recordings sourced from private citizens and government agencies, The Proof Is Out There uses the latest technology, rigorous authentication techniques and cutting-edge analytic processes to separate the fantastic from the fake. Harris and his team of experts and investigators will examine each video in question in an attempt to make compelling revelations and conclusions surrounding a few of the most debated videos and public images ever shared.

The Proof is Out There is produced for History Channel by the Six West Media Group and premieres Jan. 5 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on History Channel.

Steven Ascher, Kristy Sabat, Matt Pearl and Miguel Sancho are executive producers for the Six West Media Group. Amy Savitsky and Mike Stiller serve as EPs for History Channel.

“Attempting to explain the unexplained? As a journalist, I say, yes, please! I couldn’t be more pleased to join The History Channel for this journey into the unknown,” said Harris in a statement. “These videos, photos and sounds are literally coming in from around the world. I love that in every episode, I get to be the viewer and ask: What the heck is that? And then I get to put our team to work to answer that question.”